February Events


Showing love and appreciation to our Loyal Patients!

  • February 1st-14th- First 10 FTP each day will receive a selected 3.5g with %30 off.
  • February 15th-28th- First 10  FTP each day will receive a free 5g with %30 off.
  • Every referral will get a $150 bag with a $20 credit while supplies last. 

Secret Admirer 

  • February 1st-February 15th 
  • Find a red heart on these selected items and win a surprise.  
    • CBD Bath Bomb- Roma Leaf
    • CBD Tinctures 500MG- Roma Leaf
    • Cure Pod 
    • Green Privileged Vegan Chews 
    • Lyt MM Dark Chocolate Edible 4g
    • Rosin Concentrate – 1g
    • Rosin Coins 
    • STNDRD Pod Kit 
    • STNDRD 1,000MG Tropical Blast- Sativa Indica
    • Wedding Cake Shatter
  • Please send a photo of the item with a red heart sticker.
  • Prizes will be sent out February 16th. 

Superbowl Sunday

  • February 11-13th
  • Vote for your winning super team by placing an order until Sunday, February 13th at 2pm.
  • If your team wins you will win a free selected 5g to your next order.
  • Please provide a screenshot of your selected team.