The Mimosa strain, much like its namesake, is a deceptively powerful little pick-me-up. A sweet, citrus-y smell hides the very potent THC count of this particular sativa dominant hybrid. You’ll find yourself energized and engaged after a drag or two on this playful bud, so whether you’re enjoying a sunday wake-and-bake or you are looking for a bud that you don’t have to wait on for the full effect, the mimosa is a bird of paradise among its peers.

Medicinal Benefits (Relieves):
Depression, Anxiety, loss of appetite
Potent, Psychoactive, Energizing
Citrus, Sweet, Floral

THC: 27%

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Any mentioned curative properties in the preceding descriptions are based on personal accounts and have not been overlooked by a medical professional or the FDA. If you find that you are in serious pain or mental distress, please contact your local physician.

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