Weed Delivery Services in Ventura

Weed Delivery Services in Ventura

Weed Delivery

Flower Delivery in Ventura

Flower delivery is a magical thing, strains of all different intensities, flavors, scents and varieties, marijuana buds of all kinds delivered straight to your door, but you know what’s more magical? Local flower delivery from a flower dispensary near you! Get the strains and buds you love and trust sent directly to you, without ever needing to get in your car!

Flower Delivery in Victorville

The world around cannabis is changing rapidly, with its ever increasing worldwide legalization and appreciation of the flower growing to an international interest, passtime, hobby and even a passion, it’s only natural that the method by which you procure your marijuana become more convenient, more naturalized, more trustworthy and even, possibly, more enjoyable

L.A. Rush puts its business, its efforts and its interests toward delivering to you the finest buds and flowers on the market, from the most psychoactive, engaging and trippy sativas to the most relaxing, curative and soul-healing indicas and everything in between! We hold a catalog of the strongest to the calmest, the strongest sativas, most effective indicas and most perfectly bred hybrids that you can find on the California market!

By receiving our product from trusted growers and personally seeing to the quality of each batch we get, you’re helping the legitimacy of the developing marijuana industry by holding it to greater standards, putting your orders in through trusted channels and helping businesses with a passion for the plant grow and provide even better deals and products directly to you! Flower delivery is changing for the better and we’re excited to provide you with the best buds we possibly can.

Marijuana Edibles Delivery in Ventura

“Where can I buy CBD edibles near me in Ventura? Or how can I buy marijuana edibles online? What about the best CBD edibles for pain or, perhaps, for pleasure? Where can I get the best and tastiest THC and marijuana edibles sent straight to my location?”


The invention of the marijuana edible candy was a game-and-life-changer, undeniably. What was once strictly ritualistic and alien has become casual, pleasurable and inclusive. While we are proud to provide flowers made from strains of strong and classical appeals, dank and diesel scents and particularly potent varieties of flower, we also pride ourself on riding the wave of edibles for everyone! Taking the mouth-watering forms of marijuana edible candies, edible gummies, snacks, treats and many other easy-to-down, enjoyable-to-taste foods, we are more than proud, we’re ecstatic to bring you the best edibles this side of the candy shop.

Marijuana Edibles Delivery in Victorville

Where once medicine and disgust were one, medicine being made of sour, bitter licorice flavors and being treated with nauseated hatred by the sick and unwell, the curative properties of THC and CBD edibles combined with the sweet, sugary taste of our wide catalogue of candy flavors, there’s no reason any more to fear the doctor. Whether you’re using your edibles for deeper, gentler sleep, easing anxieties, treating chronic pains or lessening depression, you’re not going to need a spoonful of sugar to help this medicine go down.


When you hit up L.A. Rush, don’t forget to stock up on edibles for a relaxing and easy-going high inside of a delightfully sweet package.

Weed Concentrates Delivery and Online Dispensary in Ventura

One of the newer additions to the wider science, culture and product of cannabis as a whole, cannabis concentrates are a burgeoning and exciting part of the 21st century weed scene. Often used for the express purpose of getting a stronger, fuller and more psychoactive high for THC concentrates, and for reaping stronger, more curative effects from CBD Oil concentrates, the scope of experiences and solutions has expanded into new, and shockingly effective, areas.


There are also a myriad of ways to experience weed concentrates for yourself. Dabbing cartridges provide a quick, easy and accessible way to strengthen your smoke and experience a more profound high. No need for extra set up, just attach a proper vape cartridge to your personal electronic smoking apparatus and prepare for lift-off. Alternatively, waxes, shatter and other natural concentrates can provide strong high closer to home. Sprinkle some concentrate over your personally packed bowl and make absolutely sure that you’ve cleared your schedule for the night.

Weed Concentrates Delivery and Online Dispensary in Ventura

Concentrates come in a variety of forms including THC and CBD prefilled cartridges, vape cartridges, shatter and more ways than previously imagined to intensify your smoking experience. But if you’re looking to buy THC or CBD cartridges in Ventura with only the best CBD concentrate or strongest THC concentrate, don’t forget to get it straight from the source from L.A. Rush!

We are dedicated, not only to bringing you potent and safe concentrates that will provide a host of new experiences to you, but we’re dedicated to delivering it straight to your house. There’s no reason for the adventurous and the curious to not give concentrates a try today!

Pre-Rolled Joints Delivery in Ventura

There’s a brazen and beautiful simplicity to a well-rolled joint. Where a pipe or a bong has an unmistakable aesthetic to it, to drag a joint is to take the path of least resistance to a place of relaxation and active, psychoactive meditation. The art of rolling joints is one that presents itself to smokers in many different varieties. To some, the art of rolling a joint comes naturally, or has simply presented itself enough times to become natural. To the rest of us, there is sometimes no greater convenience and pleasure than a well-crafted, pre-rolled joint.

Pre-Rolled Joints Delivery in Victorville What once was considered inaccessible, due in part to the natural learned but learned motions of rolling a good joint, is now available for sale to anyone who wants to have a good smoke in what is, perhaps, its most classic and beloved iteration. But to even the most experienced roller, however, the humble pre-roll serves a number of purposes, including great gifts or stocking stuffers, a small-dose way to try out new and untested strains or simply a cheap and convenient way to introduce more cannabis into your life.

At L.A. Rush, we roll pre-rolls directly in house and sell them at competitive prices! Offering a variety of our most popular and beloved strains in an easy to try and easy to buy format, we can confidently offer joint delivery to our customers both curious and previously satiated. You can order pre-rolls from L.A. Rush, not only at competitive prices but with the confidence that it’s coming from an experienced dealer and vendor who’s distinctly interested in the quality of the product. Be sure to try out our pre-rolled joints delivery with your next order!

Topical Marijuana and Tinctures Delivery in Ventura

With the freedom afforded to cannabis culture by modern day social and legal standards, growers, makers and refiners have been able to experiment with new, exciting or even previous-tested methods only available for use or creation in underground circles. Where society was once unkind to natural solutions such as marijuana for topical pain relief or the comfort provided by CBD tincture benefits, there is newfound liberation to both the creator and consumer! What was once the domain of less natural, more maligned medicines has now come home to roost in a nest of the humble and esteemed marijuana plant. Topical marijuana solutions and marijuana tinctures are now available, not only for the wider medicinal and recreational use of the public, but are available for delivery! You can find topical marijuana creams and CBD tinctures for sale directly at our storefront! Topical medical marijuana is available for the soothing of chronic pains as an all-natural solvent, offered to you with the convenience afforded by our fast and friendly delivery service! 

Topical Marijuana and Tinctures Delivery in Victorville

Topical medical marijuana isn’t the only method of all-natural pain relief that we offer at L.A. Rush, however! We’ve also got THC and CBD Tincture for sale! A solution of alcohol and cannabis extract, this practiced method of smokeless marijuana consumption is a great way to experience THC for those new to the scene as well as providing a clean, safe and fast-acting way to introduce THC and CBD to the ailing body.

If you’ve never tried topical marijuana or tinctures before, don’t neglect to pick some up with your next order from L.A. Rush!

Buy Weed Smoking Accessories Delivery in Ventura

It’s never been quite as simple as just buying flowers… but it’s never been this simple!   The classic act of setting up a smoke at home has its simplicities and its complications. To pack a pipe properly, one must first have a pipe. Once one has a pipe, then comes the act of packing a pipe, something helped along with the assistance of a proper grinder. Of course one must also take care to make sure their pipe is clean. When rolling joints, you need both papers and the expertise or accessories needed to properly roll one. Lastly, the all-too-common and extremely frustrating experience having a million lighters, but none of them where you left them.  Buy Weed Smoking Accessories Delivery in Victorville

Weed accessories are a must. This is a fact apparent to both the marijuana newcomer and the cannabis connoisseur. But just as L.A. Rush has gone out of its way to simplify the act of getting your cannabis covered, we also want to make sure that getting to buy weed accessories is just as easy! With the convenience of our helpful support staff and our friendly delivery drivers, it is our ambition to be and remain the best place to buy weed accessories!

When the inconveniences and annoyances associated with a tightly packed bowl or a lack of proper papers comes around, you could always carve an apple, just like the good old days, or you can rely on L.A. Rush to get you back to a cozy and convenient evening of burning down bowls.