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Great service

These guys have awesome products, especially the flower! Outstanding support when ordering and the delivery drivers are the absolute best. Very friendly and professional. Most orders are free delivery which is great since gas prices are so high.


Great place

Good smoke and very very courteous and polite and helpful drivers.


I love their prices and

I love their prices and drivers who are extremely nice. They have the best products in California 💯🔥💚.

Victor Arrieta

Best in the West LARush

I can’t believe I found LARush, the perfect delivery service. The staff and drivers are super cool. LARush is the only dispensary I use now. I’m a long time client, very loyal so I can vouch for them. I guarantee you’ll love them too! 😎

Christian Kilpatrick

The One Delivery Service To Rule Them All

I’ve been using LA Rush for years now, before that I used several different delivery services and even went to the clubs back when you needed a recreation card. There has been no service on the same level as LA Rush and probably will never be. They are like a personalized cannabis/concentrate AI, the more you order from them the more you notice the deals getting better and they’ll even hit you up to give you deals at random if they know you like a particular strain or product! They make very few mistakes and when they do they correct them promptly and generously. I am genuinely thankful to have a service like LA Rush at my disposal and I look forward to seeing how much they continue to grow in the future!


great products, great prices and

great products, great prices and wonderful people. all anyone could ask for.


Great customer service

moe is a great person to deal with .were sold out of items i wanted , suggested some other items but then said he would order from a different branch to get me what I wanted ..went out of his way to keep customer happy. great job moe . that is why i keep ordering from here ..great product ,great service and great prices


La Rush is the best in the west!

The type of service and products are all top notch 💯. The prices are amazing and affordable. In addition, they have the best quality of sublime weed. The staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. The drivers are also always on time. I highly recommend La Rush to anyone who uses recreational cannabis or medical cannabis. You won’t be disappointed!

Victor Arrieta

I would always love to

I would always love to order from LARush. They are sweet and always get what you easily. I will always purchase from LARush ! Love them.

Christian Kilpatrick

Always on time Always Quality

La Rush is very simple and easy to order delivery from.
I place my order they give me an ETA and I’m good. Quality Products and Great Prices. I’ll be using them from now on.

Josh Ball

Unquestionably the BEST!

As the Humboldt hippie love child of full time Growers & a former grower myself~ I have exceptionally HIGH standards. For years after moving here I drove 12hours North to get my weed. Sure I tried various dispensaries and delivery services ( A LOT of em) and they were all a disappointment, mediocre at best. BUT THEN I DISCOVERED LA RUSH~❤️★All my experiences with LA Rush have far exceeded my expectations. STELLAR Customer service, On time Delivery & a Great Selection of Truly Top Quality Products at Unbelievably Great Prices! LA Rush Always has THE ABSOLUTE BEST, So good, in fact now I bring weed from L.A up to Humboldt. (How crazy is that?!) Truly exceptional in every way. ❤️ I will never go anywhere else & you won’t want to either. I give the good peeps @ LA Rush 10 stars★★★★★★★★★★❤️🌼😎


always great service

they never disappoint . always friendly and great del service .. fresh product and great prices and specials. keep up the great work


always bomb

the team at la rush 805 are the best ..customer service is awesome know all products del team are so cool and thankful when you give them a tip always have my business keep up the great work



There is a great staff and beyond amazing flower , edibles and has


Moe is the best!!!

I have been using this delivery service for over 5 years now and have zero complaints.. not only is there bud always fresh and looks just like the pic they show they have awesome deals on top of already low prices.. Moe is the best always makes sure i get exactly what i want and it gets delivered in less than 60 minutes.. and he is very knowledgeable and always makes me feel welcome..

T.O 420

Great Company

Very solid quality, good prices, great promotions. The staff is all friendly, informed and helpful.

Scott Lowy

Marvelous Merch

I have been getting LA Rush delivery for about 4 years now . They have consistently the best flower and prices around 🙂 Love the daily deals and always new products to try.

Austin LaBrake


I love LA rush! They are always so fast and reliable I have to say the have outstanding service! Always understand my needs and help me to get just what I need thank you !!! best delivery since I first ordered in 2016!!

Eduardo Hurtado


Great prices,awesome flower and products. The staff is very helpful and the drivers nice and professional.



Great product always! Very nice and professional delivery drivers.


Literally the best delivery service

I’ve been using LARush for about 3 years now and this is hands down the best delivery service I’ve ever used. The customer service reps are very friendly, helpful, and personable when ordering and the drivers are all sooo nice! I’m so impressed with the customer experience this place provides and on top of that, their products are all very good and very affordable. 10/10 recommend trying out LARush, you won’t be disappointed 🙂

Ang L

Years of great service

I have been ordering from LA Rush for at least five years. They are by far the most consistent, reliable, and friendly service out there. I am always satisfied with my purchase and receive it no more than 2 hours after I’ve ordered. Thanks for being so great and dependable LA Rush!


Always 🔥 awesome customer service

Always 🔥 awesome customer service 👏
LARUSH always come in clutch 💜💯😁⭐

Benjamin Wingate

SOLID flower at solid prices

This is the new go-to for me. No more driving out to the valley or waiting until 11:30 at night for my delivery. Always here on time and usually within the hour. In fact…I think I’ll order some more now…



I started ordering from LA RUSH A FEW YEARS AGO AND I AM ALWAYS HAPPY WITH WHAT I GET ,if I’m not sure on what I want i always call and bug the staff and ask them what’s the most stoniest ,they are always so sweet and take the time to give me there’re opinions and recommendations …I love that all the staff is so nice …the weeed is always Danky…


Best company around

Love their prices, the drivers are friendly. Best quality for your money. Also everyone who works the phones are super friendly. Their great customer service and wonderful attitude and daily specials keep me coming back!


Even Boomer Love LARush!

These guys are almost old school! Polite, good sense of humor and their inventory is well diversified and abundant. I have some certain tastes – you know – left over memories of good weed in the 60’s … somehow these young’ns come thru for me almost always when i ask for specifics. I’m happy with this service and appreciate their attitude and I refer to them all the time and my friend are happy with them too.


La rush is the best joint all the time .🙂

La rush delivery service and coustomer service is 1 of a kind everyone their is so awesome and one of a kind their flower strains are OFF the h👀k and they are. all so bomb and tasty🙂 don’t believe it ANDdont believe me give la rush a try because you might love all their exotic strains
they have. You won’t be disappointed from all their awesome deals TOO .. bomb🧨 buds all are amazing and so much more ‘🥇”🙂

Stevie Wonders

This is my go to place

New to delivery services, never did them because I preferred going into the store. I decided to go with LA Rush after trying a couple other delivery places in the Ventura County area. As mentioned in the title, this is now my go to place. I always get the Golden Salad. Not always in stock but worth grabbing when it is. I’ve never been a big fan of “popcorn” deals because they say “it’s a combination of all our best!” but it always feels like lower shelf mixed with one nug of top shelf. With the Golden Salad from LA Rush I feel like I’m getting an actual mix of top shelf weed.
The delivery always goes smoothly. I text my order, they send the driver, he/she is always very courteous (and COVID friendly) and within an hour.
Also, this place has a cool bonus system. I love how every once in a while THEY REMIND ME that I have bonus dollars to use, which I really appreciate. And it’s not a dang stamp card that I will lose 🙂

Jason Eli

Great service in the 805

Ready for October Month. LA Rush Delivery always on point with great flower and Boomba cartridges. Thank you for your service.


Best company around

Love their prices, the drivers are friendly. Best quality for your money. Also everyone who works the phones are super friendly. Their great customer service and wonderful attitude and daily specials keep me coming back!


Great service

Always appreciate LA Rush Delivery. On point with the service and great flower. Thank you La Rush Delivery.


i’ve been ordering from larush

i’ve been ordering from larush for over a year and i must say i they’re weed is great they’re customer service is awesome ,i’m a big stoner so i like to make sure i’m getting a good indica so i usually bug them and ask them ,what do you guys suggest ?whats a good stoney indica?they always answer my questions and have such a good attitude i love they’re staff they are the shit ….thank you la rush for being awesome and always having that dankity dank y’all are the shiznit

sheala B


Had been using these guys for a while and all was good, and then yesterday tried to place an order and it got weird and they dished out a pile of attitude!!! Not kool!! Upsetting and no way to do business!!

B Brown

Long time customer with love hate

I just want to mention I have been going here for my bud over 2 years. I have been dedicated to LA Rush and for the most part happy with my bud and service. However that just depends on who is helping you on the other end Example today Sunday 8/23/2020 12:20 pm I placed order and wanted the gummy and flower combo which says no exotic flower can be used and I get that, no problem. Well you kinda need to list which flowers are exotic when not listed how the heck do you expect your customers to know. Not only did they try and make me feel stupid but they turn around and tell me that they are listed by emojis lol the emojis tell me all about the bud with the explosive and bomb 💣 emojis…lame. And no sorry the emojis failed cause I did not know this. You should honestly list and say what they are and just admit instead of trying to argue with your customer. Misleading and confusing and this doesn’t always happen only when you get the other person on the other end who does not give a hoot. With that said just watch out for those emojis people because they tell it all lol.


Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Couldn’t ask for a better delivery Co. Always earlier delivery than stated, always bomb products, awesome drivers, pro phone staff, free joint when they (rarely) fuck up. Generous perks for refs. I’ve done business with several companies, but stuck with L.A.R. for good reason.

Jimmy Weedseed

As professional as it gets with cannabis

I’ve been ordering from you guys for several years now and you guys always come correct with your bomb,flower and shatter as well. Also the credit incentives is a big plus and knowing that I’m going to be dealt with in a professional level every time is a great feeling thank you for your service keep it up

Aaron Welch


Thanks 😊 🙏 for the little extra candy! And timing was superb 👌!

Reddy mark

Great service in the 805

Always have great deals with the flower.
Impressed with their new flavors.
Thank you La Rush Delivery.


keep coming back

best place to order from Great customer service and fast delivery. thats why i keep coming back . always fresh what ever you order great prices and daily specials.


Tasty, quality, deals!!

I’ve been a customer for a couple of years now. I admit I like top quality products. LA Rush always has great product and a nice variety and deals of the day. Customer service is always pleasant.

Julie B

La rush rocks!

I’ve gotten same exact strains from different dispensaries. La rush flower is so fresh and much better than the 3 other dispensaries I have close to me. You guys are the real deal!

Mark Thors

Only place I get my green from

Not only do they have the best deals, they offer store credit on top of the purchase.
I smoke alot and everytime I smoke someone out, they get jelly just based on the smell before they even try it.
When I start smoking, the circle forms and the conversations start with whoever is around and I take pride in the quality I pass out

Joe Campo


Always order from la rush always on time and price on dot
Nothing bad to say about the service

Space mcfly


My boyfriend and I love ordering from LARush, we have our favorites which they always remember my order or suggest anything different if We’re feeling something different. Delivery is awesome even tho it’s busy always keeping you updated and friendly AF. We love LARUSH and don’t plan on leaving soon 🙌🏼

David C

Only place to order from in the 805

LA Rush is by far the best delivery service in the 805. Their prices and deals are amazing and the bud is unmatched. It never takes longer than an hour to get to me and the drivers are always really nice and professional. With Covid-19, they’re wearing gloves and masks, which do a lot to reassure me. Overall, the best place to order from by far.



They ALWAYS PUT UP WITH MY $h!T no matter what!!! Been a client forever!

Big Dave

Look no further

Been here hundreds of times, can’t go anywhere else even the cheaper options are top shelf other places. This is a professional shop. Sam hooked me up today with great service, super nice and helpful, thank you guys. 🙌🏾🤝

Nicolaas Darden

The best 👌 service. The best products!

I am very pleased with everything about LA Rush. I have been a customer for 2 years and not going anywhere else!


Good ol’ reliable

I always know when I order from LA Rush, I’ll get good service and great buds. They have a great loyalty program too! Keep up the great work!!!

Nicole O

Love your products!!

I’ve been ordering with these guys right when they hit weedmaps! Nobody tops them on
Quality and price ! Always such great costumer service

Kimberly Iniguez

This is the place to go

LA rush always does things right, never had any issues with them. Best deals and customer service.

Melissa Hartford

so so good

beside great service and fresh product , there preroll wunderland is awesome wow so good make you want to slap your mommy hahahhahah keep its up

Mr. Angel Ortiz

Great customer service

99.9% Perfect after months of doing business. Great selection and excellent quality! And the one error was corrected as a priority and fixed as quickly as possible.
Delivery allows me to utilize drive time in more productive ways, plus I’m saving both fuel and maintenance costs!
I Love LA Rush! 🐉 😎👍





805 best

always A pleasure dealing with LA rush never disappoints fast and friendly service Great communication and all items are fresh thank you


Thank You

Been a customer with y’all since before you got off Weedmaps . You’ll have great bud and decent prices not to forget the awesome credit reward program you got ! I’ve earned a stack lol thank you again!!


Great service

Always appreciate LA Rush with a great delivery service. Bomb flower. Thank you guys for your great service.



Look no further this is the only plug for quality product with the best customer service and daily deals on even exotics!!!


Diamond in the rough 💎

I am so glad I found u guys!
I am super picky like I can in a shop and walk out with nothing. The quality of this flower is unbelievably on point and they are so easy and fast. I mean super fast like ordering pizza. You have a customer for life u guys have no idea how extremely happy I was with your service! Thank you so so much!!!!


Good people

Good people I have been dealing with this co for almost a year now
Just have to give a shout out to them I never even seen these folks , been ordering online Without looking going on name and discussing with them occasionally over the phone With what I like and need I’ve had nothing but success good weed for a great price thanks again


Best Delivery Service in my book!!!

LA Rush is and always will be my top delivery service. They’re the friggin best!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Best In The 805

I won’t go anywhere else. They’ve earned loyalty in every way. Top notch bud, top notch customer service, great prices… especially with their Daily Deals. Thank you guys for always treating me right.


High Quality, FAST

I have ordered from LA RUSH too many times to count. I literally have never had anything less than a fantastic product delivered with perfect service.



This is my favorite. Get smoke which is always good. Delivery is awesome. Staff is friendly..been smoking half of my life..products are superb.

Roxanne B

Bye, Weedmaps! Don’t miss ya.

I was stoked to find this service – referred a bunch of my buddies and we only order from LAR now. The quality of buds are primo, the prices are always fair (esp with discounts) and they only have been evolving to a better service all around. Super relieved I no longer not waste my time and money on other BS from Weedmaps, too much garbage there.

One thing I hope for in the future is cashless transactions. Other than that this service is legit!


Best shatter in the land

Top quality shatter at prices that crush the competition. I miss the flower deals that also provided a competitive advantage but I will manage.

Ready for delivery

Always ready for a special delivery on a good day. La Rush has great flower and love the pre rolls. Thank you la Rush Delivery 🔥👍


Bomb prices on the regular shatter, friendly staff the flower is a hit and miss to be honest and I know I’ve spent thousands by now..but a good company overall

What I said in last heading



Thank you LA rush for the excellent service, good quality, wonderful stuff and fast delivery .


best delivery service/dispensary in general

my friend recommended me to this delivery service and I have never ordered from a different place since then. they have the best service the best deals and the best weed I’ve ever tried in my life. I 10 out of 10 would recommend them and I do to all of my friends and a lot of my friends already use LA rush and if not they started using them as a service since I recommended them. seriously the best.

Taylor Doan-Hazz

Amazing Service Every Time

I’ve been using La Rush for over a year now, and they have NEVER disappointed me. Their products are ALWAYS the best of the best.
I’m writing my review today because I bought a cartridge that didn’t work. With absolutely NO HESITATION, La Rush exchanged my product. Not only did they just exchange it, they went above and beyond and gifted me a second cartridge. I am so thankful to be able to go through a company that understands and demonstrates amazing customer service EVERY TIME.



The best 🙏 (even when there’s an issue)

I’ve been using LA rush often for about a year at least now, and I love seeing their daily deals on my phone when I wake up in the morning lol. Their edibles are potent and true to their dose (coming from someone who manufactured edibles for a while) and I personally LOVE their watermelon syrup! As for flower they always have a great selection and it’s always nicely trimmed and cured. I did have an issue only once, the last time I ordered i got a good bit of popcorn and trim/shake in my order, but Jake quickly resolved it with no issue and informed me they meant to stop accepting orders for that batch of flower. if you’re ever unhappy with a product they’re more than happy to make it right, but I’m willing to bet you’ll be ecstatic and have your expectations blown away 99.9% of the time! Thank you LARUSH for making this quarantine livable and serving the community in a time like This!!! And thanks for being one of the most reasonably priced out there for the consistently Fuego flower! Also Love the cashback rewards and the daily deals! After looking literally all over the valley, these guys and another place tie for first place. I wouldn’t imagine going anywhere else.


Great Company

These guys are a great company, sometimes i just like to be a hard headed customer but i love these guys. A+++


Always appreciate LA Rush Delivery

Great flower and great deals. Top shelf flower. I like the Girl Scout Cookies. Please get more thank you LA Rush Delivery 😤


Always fire

Just got some King Louis the 13 fire and fresh thank you guys


Perfect every time

I switched over to LaRush a little over a year ago and I could not be happier. To be honest I’m a 25 plus year connoisseur and the buds and strains I get from LaRush are always on point I always order top shelf and it is ALWAYS top shelf. I mean outstanding buds,excellent prices, they treat you like family here. I am so glad LaRush is here to take care of me!

Chuck B

Ready for the day

Always great to get a special delivery. Thank you


Great discovery!

My city lacks sanity leaving me to travel for comfort from chronic pain. An emergency surgery and extended recovery including “restrictions” made getting to and from my favored location impossible lacking a driver.
A friend suggested I try LA Rush and while skeptical due to the inability to see and smell products.
I did try out the offerings and have been pleased with the consistency and friendliness of everyone I’ve worked with to date.
Thank you LA Rush for helping me through a tough time!

Scott C

Always on point with the business!!!

Always appreciating LA Rush for their properly delivery service and awesome buds.
You guys are awesome.


OMG – I discovered the best bud and nugs around

I’m from New Zealand and never liked pot/drugs. After two kids and being a yogi I’m also a mum of two and a wife to a man who has cheated on me several times.. After my health failed me, and my husband cheated, I discover the joys of this
now legal in CA, my favorite place where I followed my husband with now regret cause I’ve spent my life being so hard on myself so I thought he was Earthy and loyal. Turns out he hurt me real bad and the stress of being a nomad and his family following me everywhere we moved, it became needed. So, I can always hide this from my husband because I was diagnosed as having chrones disease at 16 and my real mum left me to wonderful parents but not smart enough too see through my narcissistic husband has everyone fooled i tell you.

Lisa Weeden

Best everyday deals on quality shatters

I think I’ve narrowed my business down to anonymous and La Rush hands down fire all around


Special Delievery

Always looking forward at the end of the day from a long day time for a special delivery and relax.
Great service always on point.
Thank you LA Rush Delivery.


Great Service

Great company. Solid customer service, great product good prices.

Scott L

Great Delivery Service

Always looking forward for a special delivery from LA Rush Delivery.
Great deals and flower.
Drivers are super respectful.
Thank you La Rush Delivery.


A+ Product & Customer Service

Always straight and solid advice, quality product and very considerate customer service.

Scott L

Always Looking Forward to LA Rush Delivery

Always looking forward for Special Delivery. Driver’s are respectful always in point. Thank you LA Rush Delivery


Its an actual business

They treat people well, give proper estimates of time, and provide good weed at a deal. Its weed at the end of the day, nobody wants to stress over delivery times or receive bad product after already purchasing. Recommend this place for your monthly pick-up.

Lawrence B


Fast response, quick delivery, amazing buds A++


Great service

Great flower and awesome service.
Sticking with LA Rush Delivery 👍
Thank you.


Great flower excellent prices

I only use la rush now because of the service quality and affordable deals I get with my main guys at la rush. Thanks guys





Love LA Rush

100% satisfied with LA Rush. They always have great prices on bomb weed that’s delivered to your doorstep without even a delivery charge! Deals every week. Best shop in Thousand Oaks.


Most perfessional

This is the last delivery service that sticks to there etas has what they say they have and is straight forward with you! I always love there professionalism from responding to me by name to the confirmation of the orders! Keep being the best! Thank u

Rudolph D

Quality at it’s best!

Top notch medz at affordable prices. Driver Alyssa was very knowledgeable, courteous and on time.

Props to the delivery drivers!! Show them some love TIP!!

Jef Newby

Amazing company

Honestly just one of the best out here ,hands down, any problem I had was met and resolved easily and without hassle. Just all around a great company and delivery service.


Great Deals

I don’t use anyone else. Enough said.


Hands down the best around

After a few months of getting my nugs soley from LA Rush I have been more than happy with the quality I’ve recieved every strain I’ve tried has been true to the picture and all top shelf is legit top shelf bud. I’m a 25 year connoisseur and the people here at LA Rush are professional,honest,and quick. I wont be going anywhere else with the quality of nugs I’ve been getting, thanks all at LA Rush!!


BEST Delivery in LA county and LA county

I have ordered from many delivery services and ALL expect for LA Rush have been a disappoint. It is a Genuine Delivery Service. The product is as its displayed. The best price is the prices. BLESSINGS ☘✌????????‍♀️
*SERIOUSLY the BEST Delivery Services.
The entire experience is true quality.


From a shop hopper to a go-to guy.

I used to take advantage of FTP deals and hop from place to place getting a feel for the flower and revisiting my fav spots. Well I’ve realized I haven’t shopped around anywhere for months bc whenever I look around for the best price for the quality LA rush is always the winner. Always amazing bud, most places sell quality they call “top shelf” and PR that’s less than this places mid-shelf! I’ve been a returning customer and I don’t plan on stopping, I’d be wasting my money going anywhere else. This review sounds so butt kissy it’s probably barely even believable, well when you run a good business and make the customers happy with patient and helpful customer service, quick wait times and always satisfying or better than expected bud, and a nice good morning text to start off your day with what specials are going down, you don’t need to promote yourself. customers like me can do all the raving over how genuinely great this place is. Keep up the great work and I’ll be ordering in a little bit again myself. Diggin the new site btw. Peace and love!


Amazing service

I found a great delivery place when I took a chance on a new dispensary. I really enjoy being apart of the VIP club. Great prices professional staff and great flower. Thanks everyone for providing great service.


Seriously the best

Okay so I’ve been using LA rush for when I need delivery for probably almost a year now. I’ve never been disappointed once! They have great customer service, and I always get kind and timely responses. They have really good deals and even if you’re on a tight budget, the product is still good. I recommend them to all my friends. I’ve dabbled here and there with a few other delivery services but always end up coming back. There’s just no comparison 🙂


Best service by far

Only one error out of multiple orders
(Not even their fault) and other than waiting until the next day were able to rectify at my convenience.
All my veteran pals are getting referrals.


I love LARush

I love LARush. Great staff, service, products and prices. I recommend people all the time , because you guys and gals are awesome. From customer service, to great staff, including drivers.


Best delivery out there

Been using LARUSH for almost a year. Delivery is awesome. Check out all other services. LARUSH was the best and continues to be ther best a year later. I recommend to family and friends. Top shelf great prices knowledgeable employees. Kind and courteous delivery. Look no further this is your place to shop


Best in the 805!

Been using LA Rush for some time now and they have consistently been ???? -both quality wise and customer service wise. Not once have I been disappointed or sorry that I had used their service. My one and only go to. Thanks and keep that ???? coming.

Takiyah Lewis

Top Notch Budz and great deals

I got to say , I just love the good quality that they have! I used to go to the shops now I use l a rush service only. Great service!


Award winning

Wow this is the best flower I’ve smoked in a very long time. There’s no way I’m ordering from anywhere else again! Thanks LA RUSH!



Shotout La Rush NEVER DISAPPOINTED With The Amazing Customer Service, and Bud!!


The best is the 805!!

Expected delivery time for the best service, deals, and product. Giggle stix is lit, the buds and concentrates are fire and the prices are the best in town hands down. Don’t second guess la rush is the best


Amazing Customer Service

So I’ve ordered from here about 5 times now and I don’t ever see myself searching elsewhere for my delivery needs anymore! Prices are really good especially for the quality of product. The drivers are friendly and they’re definitely willing to work with you! Texting/communication is always fairly prompt. Nothing negative to say! This place is a gem.

Brittanie Victoria

5 stars

There’s nothing negative to say. Great, friendly communication, the best prices around, always dank product, and fair delivery time. Look no further, you won’t be disappointed!


Best delivery service ever

I moved back to Cali in November ???? and have been using La Rush since like… December. They are THEE best????! Even when I’m out I refuse to go anywhere else, who is going to beat their prices ???? and also have bomb flowers and bomb ass customer service?! I’ll wait… ????????‍♀️ People complain about the wait time, but this is obviously a popular delivery service. It’s worth the wait! ⏱ Customer service is amazing! ???????? I’m pretty sure I’ve been a difficult customer once or twice (sorry! ????) and they’ve handled with grace. I truly appreciate these people. I probably won’t go anywhere else. ????????????

Savy F

The Best!

Some of the best wax I have ever had! Flavorful and potent! They have never shortchanged me on weight OR on quality. I will continue to use LA Rush for my medicine, it’s too good and too convenient! Wait times can be a bit long, but it’s well worth what you get!

Taylor Scarbrough

Best Delivery Service !

By far the best delivery service I’ve used. So glad I don’t have to look for another . I’ve used other services and within 2-3 orders I would quit using due to bad service…But not with L.A Rush they are fair / have great selection of flower and other items/ They have great flower/great customer service/

I am a happy customer over and over again! Thank you L.A Rush for putting quality over quanity! I look forward to doing business with you for a very long time!






I called LA Rush to try their service when my service was no longer there. I s/w the gentleman asked for a Indica Recommendation he suggested a great strain, placed order he said he didn’t have many drivers in Ventura but said if I can wait he’d get my order to my, the driver was awesome the nugs amazing. Plus the gift for first time buyer was fantastic, he also dropped the price of a 1/2 by $10 because I was prepared for my old place. Awesome service, great product, great people…I have found my go to place!!!!


Best services around!

I Love LA rush, they ALWAYS accommodate me and go out of their way to be sure every order I have is correct. It’s also nice that every driver is extremely personable and funny!

Shanda porter





I’ve been using LA Rush for about 6 months. b4 I tried many services, LA rush has great service and the delivery people are always prompt and friendly….I’ll always use them as my GO TOO!!!!


Reliable friendly delivery.

LA Rush provides great service and I can rely on them for top quality and fair prices.


Best deals in town!

ive been ordering since the beginning 2 years ago and all I can say is that ill never be going to another shop until this place closes, which hopefully never happens!! thank you la rush, you got yourself a lifetime patient 🙂


Only delivery service I use

Been going thru LARUSH for over a year and for high quality flower delivered there is no other choice around! Best bud and best prices!


Great deals and fast service!!

I’ve ordered from LA Rush many times and I’ve ALWAYS been completely satisfied with the product, delivery time and the amazing deals they offer. 100% will recommend!!! ????????????


Good bud and great service!

Ordered from LA Rush today and they threw in a free gram with my order for my birthday which was awesome! I ordered their top shelf OG and it didn’t disappoint. Looks and smells really good. They arrived in an hour and was very happy with my experience. Will definitely order from them again.


Fast service and good products!

Super fast and responsive with great product. 5 stars all the way!


Great place great weed love everything

Shop here first and always Best service around!!!


This place is the best

Take it from a long time smoker of the best, this place where you wanna go. Helpful staff, cool discreet drivers, don’t go anywhere else. Almost daily specials and the best deals always


Bomb Bud at Amazing Prices

Thanks for the bud guys! I thought it was great quality & I was able to score at a pretty awesome price.


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