LA Rush: Loyalty Program


On the way to recovery?

Reward Your Self
Your loyalty comes with rewards!


What Makes Us Unique?

We value our customers as much as they value their own self. From their loyalty to our business, we offer this program that will make them feel appreciated. Our customers will always be our priority.


How it works?

  • 3% cash back credits for every purchase, on all purchases, FOREVER!
  • Once the order is marked as complete….
  • Up to $15 of your rewards credit on your next order
  • Up to $5 off if the items being ordered have already been discounted
  • $45 minimum delivery after rewards credit is applied


Satisfied with the stats?

Join our loyalty program now!
There’s no other way but to heal the better way with LA Rush


Details of the Loyalty Program:

Our loyalty programs give our customers 3% cash back credits on all purchases they make. They can only apply up to $15 of their rewards credit per order and only up to $5 off from the rewards earned if the items they are ordering have already been discounted.

Every time a patient makes a purchase they will receive 3% back in rewards credit. Once the order is marked as complete the cash back credit will be added to the patient’s account and they will be able to apply up to $15 of it on their next order . Must reach delivery minimum of $45 after any rewards credit is applied