From a shop hopper to a go-to guy.

I used to take advantage of FTP deals and hop from place to place getting a feel for the flower and revisiting my fav spots. Well I’ve realized I haven’t shopped around anywhere for months bc whenever I look around for the best price for the quality LA rush is always the winner. Always amazing bud, most places sell quality they call “top shelf” and PR that’s less than this places mid-shelf! I’ve been a returning customer and I don’t plan on stopping, I’d be wasting my money going anywhere else. This review sounds so butt kissy it’s probably barely even believable, well when you run a good business and make the customers happy with patient and helpful customer service, quick wait times and always satisfying or better than expected bud, and a nice good morning text to start off your day with what specials are going down, you don’t need to promote yourself. customers like me can do all the raving over how genuinely great this place is. Keep up the great work and I’ll be ordering in a little bit again myself. Diggin the new site btw. Peace and love!