Long time customer with love hate

I just want to mention I have been going here for my bud over 2 years. I have been dedicated to LA Rush and for the most part happy with my bud and service. However that just depends on who is helping you on the other end Example today Sunday 8/23/2020 12:20 pm I placed order and wanted the gummy and flower combo which says no exotic flower can be used and I get that, no problem. Well you kinda need to list which flowers are exotic when not listed how the heck do you expect your customers to know. Not only did they try and make me feel stupid but they turn around and tell me that they are listed by emojis lol the emojis tell me all about the bud with the explosive and bomb 💣 emojis…lame. And no sorry the emojis failed cause I did not know this. You should honestly list and say what they are and just admit instead of trying to argue with your customer. Misleading and confusing and this doesn’t always happen only when you get the other person on the other end who does not give a hoot. With that said just watch out for those emojis people because they tell it all lol.