This is my go to place

New to delivery services, never did them because I preferred going into the store. I decided to go with LA Rush after trying a couple other delivery places in the Ventura County area. As mentioned in the title, this is now my go to place. I always get the Golden Salad. Not always in stock but worth grabbing when it is. I’ve never been a big fan of “popcorn” deals because they say “it’s a combination of all our best!” but it always feels like lower shelf mixed with one nug of top shelf. With the Golden Salad from LA Rush I feel like I’m getting an actual mix of top shelf weed.
The delivery always goes smoothly. I text my order, they send the driver, he/she is always very courteous (and COVID friendly) and within an hour.
Also, this place has a cool bonus system. I love how every once in a while THEY REMIND ME that I have bonus dollars to use, which I really appreciate. And it’s not a dang stamp card that I will lose 🙂